Friday, April 8, 2011

We're getting there

We're almost ready for our grand unveiling, arent we? hehehe. Shadow and @femmekatz if you having too much trouble, just send me the text and the pics in email and I'll put it all together on your pages and then all you'll hafta do is worry about posting, and that's a lot easier.
Since we the founding members, we need to get on the hunt for new members! We will grant them publishing rights too, but we will be the ones that can edit/fix things. Ya'll seem intent on us being your leaders, but only if Morley is the Head Recruiter and Crow the Chief Inspector MOL. Shadow'd be in charge of keeping things happy and bubbly around here. As the biggest one (I'm almost sure) we think its only fitting that she get that job!
Let's get things finished up and touched up and get ready for our big grand opening!


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