Little Crow

Hi, there. I Little Crow! I black and beautiful! Just like all the kitties on this site! Meeooow! My twitter name is @Lttlecrow! I has a sisfur, Raven. That her picture down there. See? She look a lot like me, but not a coon cat. We not littler mates, but we both black and fluffy and the same age, and been together since we kittens. You see, Raven got adopted by Dad's friends, and they couldn't keep her. So they called Dad, 'cuz his old cat, Koshka, that he got in Russia went OTRB, and they knew he was looking for a cat. So Dad said "Sure, I'll take her." But he wanted Raven to have a 'panion... that where I come in! Dad had another friend at work that had just rescued some kittens from a barn, and I was one of them! So Dad called his friend, and asked her if he could have a kitten. She said "Sure." So Dad went down and got me. And, boy, was he surprised when I looked EXACTLY like Raven. The only way he could tell us apart was 'cuz Raven had kind of twisty whiskers!!!

So Dad put us together, and we fought like crazy the whole evening. Then after that, we curled up together and went to sleep. And we been best friends ever since!! 'cept sometimes she real moody and jump on me and then get mad if I play back, and hisses and walks away.

Here we are!!

Now I look coon catish, and she look regular catish. But that OK, 'cuz Dad says it important to embrace diversity and not be afraid by it.

Then, a couple years ago, something REALLY cool happen to us....WE MET MEOWMY!!!!

Moewmy came over and met us, and then she moved right in! And Meowmy and Dad got all married, and now we love them both! MMMwwwwaahhhh!!! (That was a kiss.)

Then a little while ago, I saw Dad writing on Twitter, and so I got my own Twitter account and meet ALL SORTS of anipals! Hello there, Twitter pals!!! And wouldn't you know, I met @UsCoons and we look ALIKE! Then I meet @ShadowWhiskee, and we looks alike, too!! Then not too long ago, we meet Morley, and guess what? WE LOOK ALIKE, TOO!!! Wow wee!!!

Well, that my story! See you later! Bye!