Curzon & Jadzia

Hai! We are Curzon and Jadzia, but you tweeps know us as @uscoons. We are old farts by cat standards, approaching 10 years old. You'd never know it if you saw us though, we still play sometimes like we're kittens! Jadzia hasn't slowed down her running speed one bit either! MOL We are still mourning the loss of Jadzia's son Nimbus after his long fight with HCM, diabetes, and his last blow: fluid in his lungs. We will find ourselves a new normal soon, though. We hope you get to meet our furiends and Twitter Quints, @lttlecrow @shadowwhiskee's Shadow, and @femmekatz's Marley! We are starting this brave journey into taking over the world one black CoonCat at a time, then to the rest of the Coons, and on from there!