Saturday, April 2, 2011


I noticed a couple of you are having difficulties getting your pages set up. If you need help, let me know. Worst case scenario I'll set it up for you. (Note: I know why now, it should be fixed. Make sure you edit the page and not just set up a post for it. When you're in new post you'll see a button for edit pages, click on yers and edit there.)
Let's not edit each other's posts unless we make a nasty typo (which I'm very prone to doing) or we noticed a link is dead. That's what comments are for, just sayin. Makes things a lot easier to find too! That way we can all speak and everyone will know who it came from because Blogger will identify which author posted it!
Some new pics and yesh, even a couple brand-spanking-new videos of the twins! Turn up your speakers!
Look at that paw, it's so big - not as big as you-know-who's but it pretty dang big! We still miss that-not-named-runt a lot but TSB and Mr. Cat have agreed to not speak the unsaid-furball's name for a couple weeks so as to try to move on in the healing process for us twins... like it really is going to make any difference!
Yesh, we like snoozing together, and yesh, that's one of TSB's Packers blankets that she's had since ancient history! MOL

For some reason TSB wants to call me her little holla-back girl. Why, I don't know.
Yesh, *sigh* sometimes I have to kiss my sisfur's rump. It the only way to keep on her good side! Hahaha
And yesh, sometimes my forehead fur does part that finely MOL. It mean it time for more pets *hint hint* TSB!
*smoochers from da Twins*

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