Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Story of When Raven and Me Got out!!!!!!

Back in the fall, Dad and Meowmy was gettin' some work done on the house. There was lots of sawing and hammering, and Dad made sure we got locked up in the basement every morning so that we didn't run outside when the workers were going in and out and stuff.

One of the things they decided to do was to get a new front door with a window in it, 'cuz the old door was really crappy... oops, excuse my language, but it was! So, anyway, Dad brought home a new door and a screen door, 'cuz he knows how important it is to have a screen door that closes all by itself to be sure we sure we stay in.

So, the workers were working on the door, and silly ol' Dad, he got the wrong size screen door. The workers went home, and Dad was going to go to the door store to get the right door. Dad notice that the door swung really easily now, and it use to have to be that you had to slam it (I said it was a crappy door, didn't I?)

So dad went to the door store, and he came back, and Raven was wandering around in the front yard.

Now, remember, we live way up in the mountains, and there's coyotes and foxes and bears and dogs and mountain lions and all sorts of dangerous wild animals out there!!!! So Dad got really scared, and he brought Raven right in and started looking for me.

Now, the inside of the house was all a big mess 'cuz of all that work that was going on, and there were all sorts of hiding places and everything!!! And Dad didn't know if I was inside or outside or WHAT!!!

So he was looking everwhere, and he was walking around calling me, and it was getting dark, and I a black cat... and he couldn't find a flashlight 'cuz everything was all packed up and a big old mess.

And, well, I was under the dumpster that they got for the construction mess, and I was part excited about the adventure and part scared, and finally, after a very long time, I let out one, little moew. And then I shut up again...

So Dad called Meomy and thought I was in the dumpster, and they was calling and calling to get me to meow again, and they was digging through all the trash and calling and all scared...

Finally, I said another Meow, and then Dad started to look underneath the dumpster... by this time, Meowmy finally had got a falshlight... and they were looking under there with a flashlight, and they saw me!!! And Dad called me, but I was too scared now to come in...

So Dad got his arm under the dumpster and grabbed my arm, and he dragged me and dragged me out until Meowmy could get me... And then they hugged me a real long time!!!

So, that was my big adventure outside. I think I saw 3 lions, 2 elephants, a jaguar and a saber-tooth tiger go by when I was under there, but I can't be completely sure!

After that, I decided to just stay an inside cat, and now I run away from the door, and Dad likes that.

He made the workers fix the door the very first thing the next day, and double-locked us up until the workers were all done.

Phew, I get all scared just telling that story. Perhaps that was the day I became a mancat. Maybe that was my initiation.... but Dad and Meowmy got some inititation, too!!

So that's the story of how Raven and I got out!!!!

Bye for now. See you later!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Little Crow


  1. Jadzia has done that too, when she was young. Usually when it comes to outside though, she freaks out and slips out of her harness and then it's on because TSB can't catch her, so she has to corner my sisfur and HOPE she doesn't jump over! hahaha and that is why Jadzia doesn't go outside.


  2. That must've been very scary. I try to run out into the hall when TW throws the trash but she says I can't because there are about 10 dogs on our floors and even though they're not suppose to, their staffs let them run w/o leashes. I think I can whomp those dogs.