Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Outside Part 2 (also on our bloggie)

Here we go again! More adventures of the twins outside - this time, I'm making the twins let me, the "old lady" talk! HA! Take that twins! LOL j/k *hugs the twins*

 She's just got the most beautiful lil face... and from this angle you can't see all her itchies and her exposed skin. Working on the itchies...
Pawsome portrait of them together.
They so wanted to go in, especially Curzon.
I have no idea what she was watching so intently. I don't think the cable guy was around at that point (yesh, that was the introoder).
Oh but they had him in their sights there! MOL 

Purrfect Dante Pose - just missing the floofiness of a PB Coon. It's the ONE thing that tells me that they prolly aren't purebred. But who cares. Even NOT purebred BLACK coons are RARE.
Owlneck part 2

More Tomorrow!

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