Monday, August 15, 2011

OUTSIDE! Part 1 (also on our bloggie)

Good morning folks... Yes, ma's up before dawn to blog for us! What a concept eh? Ok, the REAL reason she's up is because Mr. Cat had to leave this early this morning so she was up too. Beh, but hey, at least she didn't crawl back into bed and go back to sleep!
We're making a few changes too! You'll notice them along the way. Our tweeps will notice a change or two too! We're trying to prod the old hoomin along... maybe it might actually work better if we quit calling her old lady? MOL!
We got a couple close friends IRL (one reads da bloggie we fink) going through some real tough times so we also sendin purrs fer them. PUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRR and to all of you we haven't swung by and actually left a comment for in a while PUURRRR for u too... it's not that we ain't keeping up, it's just we haven't left our pawprint!
Now for the stars of the show... US!
TSB did something she hasn't done with us in a very long time if ever - and yes it's been that long at least if WE can't remember it being done - she took us both outside at the same time!! Little sisfur didn't even have her harness on! Ya'll shoulda seen how nervous TSB was to have the "Queen" outside untethered - but she knew that she wouldn't go far without me. So I just whined like the crybaby I like to let everyone think I am to keep her around... and it worked! But there's so many good pictures, we gotta spread them out over a few days!!!!

 We snoopervise introoders together....
 We pose together at least somewhat...
 We look away together...
 We watch each other's backsides too!
 But sometimes an introoder onto our premises needs BOTH of our attentions!
 Tryin to look like Dante
 Showing sisfur some LUV
 Yesh, she loves me back :)
 The introoder is back!
 Sisfur knew he wasn't no introoder to us, just a hoomin helpin a neighbor wif a problem.
More to come tomorrow!

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