Morley Dotes

*Under Construction*

Hi! Ize Morley, Mr. Morley Dotes.  Ize also go by 'da boy' - hoomom says something about me being just SO boy. Ize another big, black, GORGEOUS Maine Coon kitteh, like all of us here! Ize quite the charming rogue, just like the dark elf ize named after! >PIC<
Ize guess ize da old man of this bunch - ize be 11 sometime in da next month or so, but youz never guess that - ize can out- run, jump and ATTACK anyone - especially attack MOL!  Wez not sure sure of exactly when ize born, so wez just celebrate my birthday all of May.

My kitteh mom gave me to my hoomom and da geekman when ize was just a baby. Kitteh mom was a tiny little sweet gray tabby who 'belonged' to my hooman's downstairs neighbor, but da girl was kinda irresponsible and let kitteh mom roam and never got her fixed or anything. My hoomans knew mom was pregnant and kept an eye on her - but then she disappeared! They very worried, but then mom started bringing me out where hoomans could see me from their window. They couldn't believe how BIG ize was - ize already almost as big as mom! Then mom started bringing me by to say hi when they got home, then wez go hide again. Mom and me really liked these hoomans and they were nice to us. Then mom taught me to climb stairs and she led me all the way up to hoomom's door on third floor. After wez did that a couple times, hoomom and da geekman decided  they were meant to take care of me, even if ize did 'belong' to someone else. But kitteh mom wouldn't stay - she loved her girl and her dangerous life. But mom did come visit me until she was sure ize ok and happy.

 Ize loved my new home - especially hoomom, but those early days weren't always easy. There were five other kittehs and they didn't always like me, but it all worked out after a while. Big brofur Morgen
>PIC< really didn't like me though - he sent me to vet twice and they found whole claw in my eye both times!! And it was da same eye both times! Wez managed to eventually come to a sorta truce finally, but
wez still occasionally has a little skirmish. Ize try to be nice to him now (really ize do!) - after all, he's a old man now - he's 17! and he's got diabetes and got blind  from scary medicine, too :(

OOHHH- and ize set my beautiful tail on fire once    too - ize didn't even notice it, but hoomom got a few  gray hairs that day! Luckily, no real damage done, except my tail fur was a little lopsided for a while.

 Ize got really sick for a while when ize just a baby, but after all kinds of meds and stuff, wez all finally figured out ize allergic to lots of food, so ize always has to have special food. But ize do get to have my favorite treats - fresh green leafies. Ize love when hoomom comes in from garden! Ize a a mighty hunter, but youz gotta have some green stuff to complete da meal - and, ize never been sick since!!

 My first trip to da vet was kinda fun though hehehe.My new hoomans kept telling vet ize was maybe 10-12 weeks or so old, vet kept saying ize had to be 6 months old, at least. Then vet started to examine me, saw my HUGE paws and got good look at my (AWESOME) tail and you could tell she was uummming and hhmmming. Then they opened my mouth to look at my teeth - ize still had BABY teeth!! - me, hoomom and da geekman trying real hard to not ROFL while vet and tech standing there with jaws on chests !!MOL!!! Wez was nice though, and didn't say "told you so" MOL!

I almost became a dad those first couple of months, too - SCARY!! I fell for Marie da first time I saw her. She was so beautiful and fierce (hoomom called her Warrior Queen) - a total dream girl >PIC<. 
Hoomom had rescued her a while back and was  working on getting her spayed when ize showed up. Da hoomans decided thay should probably get me fixed first, before ize got any bad habits or anything (what
bad habits??). So ize was scheduled for a Monday morning at da vet. On Friday night,  Marie decided it was time and ize was more than ready to oblige MOL! Wez had a wonderful weekend, but my hoomans seemed to have mixed feelings about it all... Then it was Monday morning, and it was off to da vet for me.Da hoomans held their breathe for a while, but there were no babies - whew! Enthusiastic as ize was, ize must have been just too young. Ize still wonder sometimes, though, especially now that Marie is OTRB - ize sure wez woulda had awesome babies...

 Not too long after that, new kittehs joined our family! First came Scarlett (no, she not named after that Scarlett, she named for character 'War' in "Good Omens"), a little gray 'target' tabby polydactyl girl. She was
rescued from bad place by hoomans' friend and brought to us for christmas! She a squirmy little fighter, a little neurotic, but ize like her. With those extra toes (and claws!), its probably best to stay on her good side hehehe >PIC<

A little later, another boy moved in! Some horrible hooman dumped him and his brother out in the country somewhere! Corum Love made it to us after his first rescuer couldn't keep him and asked us to add him to our family. He's a very nice guy- but a bit sneaky- and ize makes hoomom really mad sometimes because ize not always very nice to him.>PIC< Ize can't help it - he may be named after a prince, but ize KING, and ize has to remind everyone of that sometimes!

Wez all moved to a little house almost in the country then. Wez still couldn't go outside - hoomom says there's coyotes, dogs, owls and vultures and stuff and also some very bad hoomans here - but now wez had upstairs and lots of windows and a enclosed porch, wez happy! Then big sisfur Artemis got really sick. She was black like me, but little with short fur, and liked to talk, just like me! Wez tried everything, but wez couldn't save her. Hoomom cried for a LONG time :(

More to come (pictures too!)...